Beautiful Baby Hedge Hogs for Sale at Dragonstone Ranch

Are you looking for a new pet and considering something unique? Dragonstone Ranch is a reputable USDA-licensed facility located in Gatesville, TX. Dragonstone Ranch has passionately bred hedgehogs for over five years and provides healthy and friendly animals to their customers. They are one of the few USDA-licensed hedgehog breeders in the state, which means they follow strict standards of care and hygiene for their hedgehogs. They also offer a health guarantee, lifetime support for their hedgehogs, and a wealth of information and tips on their website and social media pages.

Hedgehogs for Sale

About Dragonstone Ranch

Dragonstone Ranch, located in Texas, has a rich history of breeding healthy and socialized baby hedgehogs. As a USDA-licensed breeder, they prioritize the well-being of their animals and strictly adhere to hedgehog breeding guidelines & tips to ensure the highest-quality pets for their customers.

History of Dragonstone Ranch

For several years, Dragonstone Ranch has been breeding healthy African Pygmy Hedgehogs in Texas. Their experience and expertise in pedigreed hedgehogs result in happy, friendly, and well-socialized animals, suitable as pets for individuals or families

USDA License Information

As a USDA-licensed hedgehog breeder, Dragonstone Ranch complies with all regulations and standards set by the USDA to guarantee the health and welfare of their hedgehogs. Knowing they are purchasing a pet from a reputable and responsible source gives customers peace of mind.

Dragonstone Ranch Mission and Values

Dragonstone Ranch aims to provide top-quality hedgehogs to individuals looking for a unique and loving pet. They value the well-being and happiness of animals above all else. Ensuring that each hedgehog gets raised in a safe and caring environment.

Hedgehogs for Sale

Are you looking to bring home a charming and prickly friend? Dragonstone Ranch offers a selection of baby hedgehogs ready for adoption. These endearing animals are ideal companions and have the potential to win your heart and become a treasured part of your household.

Hedgehogs for Sale

Baby Hedgehogs Available

Babies come in various colors and are socialized from a young age to be friendly and interactive. Each is a unique addition to your household, bringing joy and companionship.

Adult Hedgehogs Listing

In addition to baby hedgehogs, they also have listings for adult hedgehogs available for adoption. These seasoned hedgies bring their charm and personality, perfect for those looking for a more mature companion.

Supply and Care

Ensuring the well-being of your hedgehog involves providing the right supplies and care. They have compiled a list of essential supplies to help you create a comfortable home for your pet.

Hedgehog Supplies List

From bedding to food and toys, their hedgehog supplies list covers everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Investing in quality supplies is essential for creating a safe and enriching environment for your hedgehog.

Hedgehog Care Tips

Proper care is very important for a hedgehog’s health and happiness. Care tips include diet, exercise, grooming, and socialization techniques to ensure your pet thrives.

Habitat Setup Guide

Setting up the perfect habitat for your hedgehog is crucial for their well-being. Their habitat setup guide offers step-by-step instructions on creating a cozy and stimulating living space for your pet.

Purchasing and Reservation

Purchasing and reserving your new pet hedgehog is stress-free. At Dragonstone Ranch, they strive to make the experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible for their customers.

How to Purchase a Hedgehog

Deciding to welcome a hedgehog into your life is an exciting time. To purchase a baby hedgehog from Dragonstone Ranch, browse their available hedgehogs for sale, select your preferred color or age, and contact them to begin the adoption process.

Reserve Your Hedgehog

You can reserve your pet and opt to pay for daily boarding, if you have your heart set on a specific baby hedgehog but are not ready to bring them home yet. By placing a reservation and communicating about your need for boarding, you ensure your selected hedgehog will await you when you are prepared to finalize the adoption.

Reach Out for Inquiries

Please get in touch with Dragonstone Ranch for any questions about hedgehogs, breeding practices, or related queries. Their team of experts provide quick, informative, and fast responses to ensure you have all the information you need.

Book an Appointment

Are you interested in meeting their hedgehogs in person before deciding? You can book an appointment to visit Dragonstone Ranch and interact with their adorable creatures firsthand. Seeing the hedgehogs up close can help you make a well-informed decision about your new pet.

Shipping Information

Customers who cannot pick up their hedgehog in person can enjoy the option of nationwide transport. Their transport process is safe and comfortable, benefiting for you and your hedgehog.

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